A2Z Travel is more than just another travel agency. Whether you are a huge corporation booking hundreds of flights every month, a family looking forward to a yearly vacation, or a fresh-out-of-school adventurer – ready to take on the world – we take each guest, and each itinerary very seriously. Our customized itineraries are more than destinations; they are the logistics of a true adventure. We pride ourselves in the personal attention and unrivalled levels of customer service we give each client.

A2Z Travel operates in association with eTravel, which provides the administrative support, technology, IATA license as well as intellectual wealth and expertise.With over 150 affiliated Independent Travel Companies under the eTravel umbrella, this ensures a buying power large enough to negotiate the best rates and foster cooperative supplier relationships. Therefore, supported by a rock solid organisation, we are able to offer a unique travel experience and exceptional customer service, with complete peace of mind.

Planning and going on your trip should never be stressful, it should be an exciting experience from start to finish! For the Travel Booker / PA, the travel component of your job should be the least of your worries, as we will more than capably take that pressure off your shoulders. Tell us what your boss needs, and we will offer the best options. For the holiday maker – the hardest decision for you to make should be what to pack or what drink to order at the pool bar! Leave the rest to me.

A2Z Travel is 100% Black Owned and has 100% Black Women Ownership.

Making travel arrangements is one thing, but having an experienced travel agent only a phone call away… now THAT is the best position to be in.

A2Z Travel… a complete travel solution!